Hotel kitchen deep clean

We provide a specialist service ensuring your kitchen complies with all health and safety regulations, from food hygiene to fire safety. Hygiene is of the utmost importance in the food service industry. An inspection by Health Service officials can happen at any time. If a problem arises it could be detrimental to your business

Maintaining the best standards can be difficult, especially when your time is limited while trying to run a business. Kitchen staff may be responsible for general kitchen cleaning but every kitchen benefits from a periodic deep clean. As we are experienced in this sector we have stringent rules and legislation governing the condition a professional kitchen must be kept. We will ensure your kitchen complies with HSE hygiene standards;

Our services include:

  • Structure – Ceilings, Lights, Walls, Floors and Pipework
  • Extraction Systems – Canopies, filters and ducting – fully certified
  • Cooking Equipment – Cookers, Grills, Fryer, Griddles and Steamers etc.
  • Ancillary Equipment – Tables, Fridges, Sinks, Racks etc.
  • Servery Areas – Hot cupboards, Bain marries, Display Units and all Serving Counters
  • Full Health & Safety pack including Risk Assessments and MSDS details provided on Request
  • Certificate of Hygiene on completion of clean.

A specialist from our industrial team will be happy to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your requirements.