Kitchen deep cleans

As Ireland’s leading provider of specialist industrial cleaning expertise, we can take care of your entire cleaning requirements. We provide an extensive range of services with the knowledge and experience to effectively take care of all of your hotel kitchen cleaning problems.

Services Include

  • Structure – Ceilings, Lights, Walls, Floors and Pipework
  • Extraction Systems – Canopies, filters and ducting – fully certified
  • Cooking Equipment – Cookers, Grills, Fryer, Griddles and Steamers etc.
  • Ancillary Equipment – Tables, Fridges, Sinks, Racks etc.
  • Servery Areas – Hot cupboards, Bain marries, Display Units and all Serving Counters
  • Full Health & Safety pack including Risk Assessments and MSDS details provided on Request
  • Certificate of Hygiene on completion of clean.


We are committed to maintaining your kitchen to the very highest standards:

  • Avoid risk of prosecution
  • Create a space with better working conditions
  • Reduce risk of contamination by bacteria
  • Reduce risk of pest infestation
  • Improve the image of your business


Bernadette Horan